Treasure Awaits! Mark Wahlberg Confirms Uncharted 2 Script in Development

Uncharted 2

Hold onto your hats, Uncharted fans! Mark Wahlberg has dropped a golden nugget of news – the script for Uncharted 2 is officially in the works! Remember the epic first movie that blew us away with its action-packed treasure hunt? Well, get ready for round two, because Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are back for more!

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Wahlberg himself confirmed this exciting update during his recent movie promotion. He hinted that the script is still being polished, but one thing’s for sure – Nathan’s iconic mustache will be a permanent fixture throughout the film. Remember that jaw-dropping post-credits scene? It definitely left us hanging, and now we have two potential paths for the sequel to take.

One possibility involves the notorious Gage, the villain from the first Uncharted game. The final scene clearly showed Nathan setting off to face him, so buckle up for a showdown of epic proportions! But there’s another exciting possibility: rescuing Nathan’s brother, Sam, who was revealed to be a captive in the first movie.

While a specific release date remains buried deep in the treasure map, we can expect Uncharted 2 to chart its course sometime in late 2025 or early 2026. So, dust off your compass and keep your eyes peeled for further updates. The adventure is just beginning!

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